2017 Entrepreneurs’ Organization Canadian Conference

Dr. Ray Muzyka and BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk have been announced as the keynote speakers for the 2017 Entrepreneurs’ Organization Canadian Conference, June 2nd 2017. They will speak on their entrepreneurial journeys over the past three decades, from their medical education software projects together in medical school, to co-founding video game developer BioWare together in the early 1990s. They’ll describe BioWare’s acquisition by Electronic Arts in 2007, followed by the growth of the resulting BioWare Label to a half-billion USD annual business with 1400 full time staff over the next five years at EA, and also discuss their subsequent entrepreneurial endeavors at ThresholdImpact (www.thresholdimpact.com, Ray) and Blind Enthusiasm (http://blindenthusiasm.ca/, Greg) over the past five years since their retirements from BioWare/EA in October 2012.

More information about the 2017 EO Canadian Conference: Inspired and Unstoppable, is available on the conference website: https://eo2017conf.ca/

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