Dr. Ray Muzyka to speak at 2013 DICE conference

(updated February 9th 2013 with photos and a link to Engadget’s video recording of the DICE presentation)

Threshold Impact founder Dr. Ray Muzyka has been added as a speaker to the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ annual DICE conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

The DICE conference focuses on Design, Innovation, Communication and Entertainment, with attendees from technology, online and mobile companies and the interactive entertainment/videogame industry.

Together with Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment, Muzyka will co-host the session, “A Conversation about the Future of the RPG Genre, with Feargus Urquhart and Ray Muzyka.”

The DICE panel discussion is on Thursday, February 7th at 3 PM.

A couple photos from the presentation – along with Engadget’s link to the full talk video (as well as other DICE talks):

Ray's RPG talk @ DICE 2013


Engadget: Watch talks from Gabe Newell to Ray Muzyka in the collected DICE 2013 presentations, right here

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