We invest in Information Technology.

Our founder’s background at BioWare has provided a rich background of experience in new media, entertainment and information technology.  Dr. Ray Muzyka was the co-founder of BioWare and led it for two decades first as joint CEO with BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk, then as CEO after the private equity investment by Elevation Partners in 2005 and the EA acquisition of BioWare in 2007.

By the time Ray retired from BioWare/EA in October 2012, BioWare had grown to eight locations and ~$500MM USD annual revenues, with more than 1400 full time staff (2000 including part time staff globally) across technology, development, marketing and operations teams.

As one of four divisions within industry leading publisher Electronic Arts, BioWare built, marketed and distributed games for PC, console, mobile, and social platforms, with most fully enabled as software as a service type experiences online. BioWare’s products encompass a range of business models including free to play, subscription, full-game digital downloads, traditional retail box products, microtransactions and downloadable content.

At Threshold Impact, we invest in disruptive innovations in the information technology space – ideally with social goals as well – and strive to apply our experiences in business models, distribution, marketing, analytics and telemetry, software and hardware technology, user interface and experience, and building engaging, fun experiences with all our investment portfolio entrepreneurs.

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